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our process.


Personalized Planning

Start with a fitness assessment to understand your goals and current fitness level.
Choose from 1,000+ customizable workouts and 30+ expert-curated programs tailored to your needs.


Tracking and Flexibility

Track your progress with progress pictures and lifting videos stored in the app.
Change your workouts and training schedule weekly to keep things fresh and effective.


Expert and AI Support

Get ongoing guidance from personal trainers and our upcoming AI assistant, COACH, available 24/7 for workout recommendations, technique tips, and personalized meal ideas.

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CMPND is a fitness platform offering over 1,000 customizable workouts and 30+ proven programs, designed to help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently. Our app includes features like personalized workout plans, progress tracking, and soon, an AI assistant named COACH.

You can visually track your progress by storing progress pictures and lifting videos directly in the CMPND app. This helps you monitor improvements and stay motivated.